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Choose one of our carefully curated boxes below, save time shopping, and give yourself and your family more quality time together around the dinner table. 


Step 1: Choose Your Box

Our best cuts in one box at an incredible price. From thick ribeyes to award winning andouille, you can't go wrong with any box you choose.


Step 2: Get Your Delivery

Now that the box has arrived, the feast can begin. Are your friends and family ready?


Step 3: Enjoy Your Meals

Prepare the cuts however you like. Smoke 'em, grill 'em, or find a few recipes on the Coastal Plains recipe page!

Pasture to Plate, Delivered to your doorstep

Ribeye (1)

Bold BBQ Box

Blend of delicious cuts, ready and primed for the grill

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Ground Beef Box - 8020

Ground Beef Box

Variety of blends, including 80/20, 85/15, and 93/7

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Patty Box - Beef Patty

Beef Patty Box

Juicy ground beef patties, in 2, 4, 6, or 8 oz sizes

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Louisiana Link Box - All

Louisiana Link Box

Choose from Smoked Sausage, Boudin, or Award-winning Andouille

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Round Steak (1)-2

Slow-N-Low Box

Premium beef cuts and gravy steaks meant to be cooked slow and low

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Smokin Box - Short Ribs

Smokin' Box

Brisket, Beef Dino Ribs, and a Thor’s Hammer.. show your BBQ pit some love

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LiveHard Chub 2

Live Hard

EAT LIKE A WARRIOR!! Ground beef fortified with beef heart and liver for lower calories and extra protein

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Black Label Steak Box

Excellent mix of our top of the line Black Label steaks

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Coastal Plains Meat Company has now partnered with UPS to make our fresh, premium quality boxes available to you, wherever you may live.