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Louisiana Beef isn’t just a slogan for Coastal Plains, it’s a way of life. 

Coastal Plains works with cattle farmers around Louisiana, to bring customers nationwide only the highest quality beef from their farms.  No longer will local cattlemen have to send their cattle out-of-state for processing, and the customer in the grocery store or restaurant can request Coastal Plains Louisiana Beef for their family.  They can “Buy Local, By Local”.

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The Butcher's Guide

Have you ever been curious about where the major cuts of beef come from? 

This convenient guide shows you the location of major beef cuts, such as rib, chuck, brisket, and loin. These cuts are also known as the primal beef cuts, or "primals". They can be broken down further into subprimal cuts, or "food-service cuts". Finally, these are then sliced or chopped into individual retail cuts such as steaks and roasts.

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Coastal Plains Meat Company | Butcher's Guide

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