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Coastal Plains Pushing Beef Movement in Louisiana

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EUNICE, La. - The largest beef processing facility in Louisiana is located in Acadiana. I took a trip to Eunice to find out why a couple veterans are looking to expand and upgrade the supply of USDA louisiana beef to consumers in the state.

David Billings and Chip Perrin are cattle farmers from Acadiana who own and run Coastal Plains Meat Company.

They say the pandemic forced large grocery stores and distribution centers to decentralize and move more toward localizing the food supply chain.

David Billings, CEO of Coastal Plains Meat Company, "What we are trying to accomplish is being able to localize that food supply chain to bring products to the consumer and working with those farmers to bring what we call "pasture to plate". That product right out of your local pasture straight to your plate, whether it's at your house or at a restaurant."

Coastal Plains says there is currently a Louisiana Beef movement.

Chip Perrin, COO of Coastal Plains Meat Company said, "There is a demand people want to know where their beef comes from. If they drive by several cattle farms on there way to the grocery store, thats the beef they are about to buy being done through this processor.  We want to take this facility and want to improve it with new technology automation to create better efficiency at the plant."

And with the added expansion, which should take 6-9 months to complete, means more USDA Certified Louisiana beef available for you. "Our goal is to try to produce about 6 million pounds of beef a year out of this facility," added Perrin.

Being veterans themselves, Perrin and Billings also provide mentorship and business opportunities for veterans interested in agriculture.

Link to article here:  https://www.kadn.com/news/local/coastal-plains-pushing-beef-movement-in-louisiana/article_bce8766a-0959-5f38-9ae8-a1ad6146967e.html